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How best to store files on the Goldsmiths network

Network storage

Staff and students have access to a personal network drive - the U: Drive - with a storage size of 500MB (staff) and 250MB (students). This allocation cannot be increased.

Additional student storage options

Additionally, Microsoft provides access to the application OneDrive, a cloud storage option. The size of your OneDrive is directly linked to the total size of your mailbox - the total size of your Outlook Exchange account is 50GB. Please note, OneDrive storage is not controlled by Goldsmiths IT&IS.

We recommend students back their work up to an external USB flash drive or hard drive at all times.

Additional staff storage options

There are multiple network drives available for staff to store their work. By default, the following network drives will be mapped to your staff login.

  • Departments (L:) drive: Main storage space for all department related documents
  • Projects (P:) drive: Storage space for specific departmental projects
  • Cross Department (R:) drive: Storage space for collaborative projects between departments
  • Scratch (X:) drive: Public storage drive. Accessible by every other person with access to the scratch drive. The contents of this drive are cleared automatically every Sunday evening.

To access network share drives, please read the appropriate help guide below:

The IT Service Desk can provide you with assistance with:

  • Mapping network share drives
  • Accessing specific shared drive locations
  • Creating secure or restricted access share drive folders

Need more help?

Talk to us at the IT Service Desk or give us a ring.

You can find us in the Rutherford building, first floor.

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