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Students and staff can store their documents in the cloud through OneDrive

We always recommend to make copies, especially of files that are very important to you.

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage solution, which is part of the Office365 package provided by Microsoft. At Goldsmiths both staff and students can store their files and folders on their own personal storage on OneDrive. All users have 1TB of storage on their OneDrive, all files are stored securely on servers and in accordance with the University’s standards.

To access OneDrive, log into your email using Outlook Web, then click on the tile icon on the top-left of the screen (right next to Outlook) and select OneDrive. 
You can upload and download files here, as well as sharing files or folders with other people. 

Network Drives

There are multiple network drives available for staff to store their work. By default, the following network drives will be mapped to your staff login.

  • Departments (L:) drive: Main storage space for all department related documents
  • Projects (P:) drive: Storage space for specific departmental projects
  • Cross Department (R:) drive: Storage space for collaborative projects between departments
  • Scratch (X:) drive: Public storage drive. Accessible by every other person with access to the scratch drive. The contents of this drive are cleared automatically every Sunday evening.

Mapping a network drive on Windows

  1. Open your file explorer, right-click on This PC (on the left-hand side) and select Map Network Drives
  2. When the Map Network Drive window opens up, fill out the appropriate fields (see below), then click on Finish. 
    1. Departments Drive: L:  \\cgs-vsvr-fs01\Departments 
    2. Projects Drive: P: \\cgs-vsvr-fs01\Projects
    3. Cross Departmental Drive: R: \\cgs-vsvr-fs01\Cross_Departmental
    4. Unit-E Drive: S: \\cgs-vsvr-as73\unite
    5. Personal Drive [private]: U: \\\homedrives\Data\your_campus_username
    6. Scratch Drive: X: \\cgs-vsvr-fs02\Scratch

Mapping a network drive on Mac

  1. Open Finder, on the top select Go, then Connect to Server...
  2. On the Connect to Server window, fill out the appropriate fields, then click on connect
    1. Departments Drive: L:  smb://cgs-vsvr-fs01/Departments
    2. Projects Drive: P: smb://cgs-vsvr-fs01/Projects
    3. Cross Departmental Drive: R: smb://cgs-vsvr-fs01/Cross_Departmental
    4. Unit-E Drive: S: smb://cgs-vsvr-as73/unite
    5. Personal Drive [private]: U: smb://
    6. Scratch Drive: X: smb://cgs-vsvr-fs02/Scratch

The IT Service Desk can provide you with assistance with:

  • Mapping network drives
  • Accessing specific shared drive locations
  • Creating secure or restricted access share drive folders
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