Printing Refund Policy

All you need to know about the Printing Refund Policy.

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You should only credit your print account with the amount you need for printing. 

Printer errors

Refunds will be offered for printer errors only. Users must surrender the incorrect printouts. No cash refunds. We can only offer refunds in printing credit.

Print errors include:

  • Paper jam  
  • Low toner  
  • Nonsense characters printed  

No refunds for user errors

To reduce the risk of user error, please use “Print Preview” before printing  

User errors include:

  • Intended to print landscape but instead printed portrait.  
  • Selected the wrong printer.  
  • Printed too many pages  
  • Misspelt words 
  • Wrong page numbers  

No refunds of unused printing credit. Users can transfer unused printing credit to another Papercut user with the Transfers feature.