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"The computing department is a friendly environment, filled with lots of ideas and innovation"

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"I’m currently half way through year 2 and have learned loads! 

The course I am studying is one of four computing related pathways offered by Goldsmiths. We've covered a lot of topics, my favourites are those related to web development. In year 1 we covered the basics of HTML and CSS and expanded on this by learning about PHP and SQL databases in year 2. This allows the creation of websites with added functionality. We have been using a program called ‘Processing’ to learn about programming Java in a graphical environment. Processing makes it fairly easy to create animated and interactive graphics using key programming principles and a bit of maths, which can be very fun. 

The computing department is a friendly environment, filled with lots of ideas and innovation. The lecturers are generally helpful, approachable and interested in student’s work. It’s handy that they are accessible at their open office hours or via email.

I balance uni work with a part time job at RBI. I’ve been working there for the last 6 months helping put content onto the new ICIS website and coding marketing email data for subscribers. I’m not completely sure what kind of job I will get after my degree. Initially I wanted to learn more about and work in web design, however this course has opened up other paths such as software, games or android app development. I also really like the idea of training elderly people and get them more involved in technology."

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