Media modules


We offer a wide range of option modules each year. Below are some examples of modules that are currently running. For a full list, including sample reading lists for each module, please contact the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

Please note that some modules have a limited capacity.

Due to staff research commitments not all of these modules may be available every year.

Theory options

Module title Credits
  Music as Communication and Creative Practice 30 credits
  Race, Empire and Nation 15 credits
  Embodiment and Experience 30 credits or 15 credits
  Media Law and Ethics 15 credits
  Strategies of World Cinema 15 credits
  Archaeology of the Moving Image 30 credits or 15 credits
  Theories of the Culture Industry 30 credits
  Practical Methods 1 - Media Systems, Media Ecologies and Turbulence 15 credits
  Postcolonial Theory 30 credits
  Cultural Studies and Capitalism 30 credits
  Political Economy of the Media 15 Credits
  Cultural Studies and Geography: Speed, Mobility and Territory 15 credits
  The City and Consumer Culture 30 credits
  Experimental Media 30 credits or 15 credits
  Media, Ritual and Contemporary Public Cultures 30 credits or 15 credits
  Representing Reality 15 credits
  Promotional Culture 30 credits or 15 credits
  Politics of the Audiovisual 30 credits or 15 credits
  Social Media in Everyday Life: A global perspective 15 credits
  Race and the Cultural Industries 30 credits
  Practices of the Culture Industry 30 credits
  Globalisation: Politics, Policy and Critique 30 credits
  Software Studies 15 credits
  Biopolitics & Aesthetics 15 credits

Students can take a maximum of 30 credits from the lists below.

Journalism options

Module title Credits
  Journalism in Context 15 credits
  Online News Reporting 15 credits

Screen school options

Module title Credits
  Camera Fundamentals 15 credits
  Contemporary Screen Narratives in Practice and Theory 15 credits
  Film Producing Fundamentals 15 credits
  Sound Design Fundamentals 15 credits
  The Ascent of the Image 15 credits
  Social Activist Film 15 credits
  Visual Storytelling 30 credits
  Film Editing Fundamentals 15 credits
  Developing the Screen Idea 15 credits
  Understanding the UK Media Industries - Fiction Production 15 credits
  Realising the Film: Production Values 15 credits