Media, Communications and Cultural Studies modules


We offer a wide range of option modules each year, options are taken in addition to the core modules on your programme. Below are some examples of option modules that have recently been offered by the Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies.

Due to staff research commitments not all of these modules may be available every year.

In addition to the options listed below it is also possible for you to choose option modules from other departments at Goldsmiths. 

A number of these option modules can be taken as either 30 or 15 credits. 30 credit options last for the full term (10 weeks) and 15 credit versions last for five weeks. The assessments will differ depending on the number of credits you are taking. Please check with module leaders to find out what modules may be able to be taken as 15 credits.

The total number of credits of option modules for full-time students are:

Part-time students should consult with their programme convenors to discuss their module options.

Please note that some modules have a limited capacity.

Once you have enrolled on your programme you will be able to select your module options online.

Theory options

Examples of recent theory option modules include:

Module title Credits
Contemporary Feminist Media Cultures 30 credits or 15 Credits
Cultural Studies and Capitalism 30 credits
Digital Audiovisual Media: New Aesthetics and Practices 30 credits or 15 credits
Digital Culture Critical Theory 30 credits.
Embodiment and Experience 30 credits or 15 credits
Experimental Media 30 credits or 15 credits
Globalisation: Politics, Policy and Critique 30 credits
Journalism in Context 15 credits
Mediating Violence: Feminist, Queer, Decolonial Perspectives 30 credits or 15 credits
Media, Law and Ethics 30 credits
Money, Society, and Culture 30 credits or 15 credits
Music as Communication and Creative Practice 30 credits
Political Economy of the Media 30 credits
Politics of the Audiovisual 30 credits or 15 credits
Postcolonial Theory 30 credits
Practices of the Culture Industry 30 credits
Promotional Culture 30 credits or 15 credits
Race and Technology 30 credits or 15 credits
Race, Empire and Nation 30 credits
Representing Reality 15 credits
Social Media in Everyday Life: A global perspective 30 credits
Software Studies 30 credits or 15 credits
Strategies of World Cinema 30 credits or 15 credits
The Structure of Political Communications 30 credits or 15 credits
The City and Public Culture 30 credits
Theories of the Cultural Industry: Work, creativity and precariousness 30 credits
Virtual and immersive media experience 30 credits or 15 credits
Archaeology of the Moving Image 30 credits or 15 credits
Filmmakers Make Theory 15 credits


Module title Credits
Technology and Colonialism 30 credits
Media and Political Campaigning 15 credits

Practice options

Practice options are also open to theory students. Examples of recent practice option modules include:

Module title Credits
Camera Fundamentals 15 credits
Film Editing Fundamentals 15 credits
Film Producing Fundamentals 15 credits
Social Activist Film 15 credits
Sound Design Fundamentals 15 credits
The Ascent of the Image 15 credits
Understanding the UK Media Industries - Fiction Production 15 credits
Contemporary Screen Narratives in Practice and Theory 15 credits
Visual Storytelling 30 credits