Glossary of terms used for Student Conduct breaches

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Breach and Misconduct

Both mean that a student may have contravened the College’s conduct policy.

College premises

All buildings owned or operated by Goldsmiths.

Conduct Hearing and Disciplinary Hearing

The College’s formal process to determine if a student has breached the College’s conduct policy.

Disciplinary Panel

The assigned College staff and student who sits on the conduct hearing panel.

Disciplinary Procedures

The procedures and processes outlined in the student conduct policy and are enacted in the event of a breach of conduct policy.


Removal of access to all areas of campus and student card blocked. This may be enacted on a student who is deemed to be a potential risk to other members of the College community.

In some rare cases, this may also extend to the College’s digital estate and a student's email, (VLE) access may be restricted.

Investigating Officer

The member of College staff, usually from the Student Casework team assigned to perform the preliminary investigation into suspected breaches of student conduct.

Preliminary investigation

The initial enquiry into a suspected breach of student conduct regulations.

Reported/Responding student

A student who has been reported to have breached conduct regulations.

Reporting student

A student who has made a report about another student’s conduct.

Serious Breach and Serious Misconduct

Used to highlight that a breach in conduct policy is very serious.

Student Conduct chair

A senior member of staff, who is not involved in the case, or the students involved, who acts as an arbiter on conduct cases. The College will have up to 4 conduct chairs available to call on to ensure no bias. 


Exclusion from certain areas of campus, possibly at certain times. This is usually enacted to avoid contact between the reporting student and reported student.

Sexual Violence

Defined as any act of a sexual nature which is uninvited or non-consensual, this is including but not limited to; sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and stalking.