Interventional action

These can be taken without the formal process for breaches in Student Conduct Regulations.

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Interventional action allows the College’s approach to matters relating to student conduct to be more adaptive.

Interventional action may be taken, where appropriate, if student behaviour is of concern and needs to be addressed early and swiftly.

This is different from precautionary action which may be taken during an investigation, hearing and/or review.

Academic departments may take interventional action with students, and advice on interventional action can be sought from Legal and Governance or by emailing conduct (

Interventional action does not make any findings or decisions about whether the misconduct took place.

The College shall keep a record for the purpose of monitoring when interventional action has been taken. This may be taken into account should further reports of misconduct of a similar nature be received.

Interventional action does not preclude the possibility of other action being taken in the future in relation to the same behaviour.

Interventional actions which could be taken include but is not limited to:

  • Student reminded of expected behaviours
  • Mediation, if appropriate and both parties are willing
  • A no-contact agreement between two or more parties
  • Support and advice around expected behaviours