Changing programme, study mode or restarting

How to change programme or restart on a different one, and how to change to part or full-time.

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Please note that undergraduate and postgraduate taught students are not generally permitted to make changes to thier programme after the end of spring term.

Research degree students change programme or mode of study at any point in the academic year.

Changing programme

You must speak to the Programme Tutors for both your current programme and the new programme to which you want to transfer.

They will discuss your options and will then advise you to complete the change of programme form which will need to be submitted to both departments (if applicable) for approval.

International students on a visa should also read further information.

Change of study mode

If you are considering changing from full-time to part-time mode of study or vice versa you will need to discuss this with your Personal/Programme Tutor and complete the change of mode form.

Please make sure you are aware of the fee liability for making a change like this.

Research students

You will need to discuss the change with both your Supervisor and your Departmental Research Administrator.

They will advise you to complete the change of programme form or change of mode form which you will need to submit for approval.

If you are funded by a research council or sponsor you are responsible for ensuring they have approved any change and will also need to notify the Graduate School of this change via graduateschool (  The Research Degrees section provides more information on changing mode of study (FT to PT/PT to FT).

Process and fees

Once the form has been approved by all relevant persons, it will be submitted to Enrolments and Records who will update your student record and confirm details by email.

It's important that any changes are notified promptly as it will have an impact on the fee liability or any refund due.

If you are in receipt of a tuition fee loan and/or maintenance loan, please contact Student Finance to discuss any implications on your funding.