Counselling Service guidelines

A guide to Goldsmiths Counselling Service works and what you can expect from it.

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The Counselling Service process begins when a student applies for Counselling via the Wellbeing Service. The Wellbeing Service will meet with you and if agreed, provide a link allowing you to self-refer for an initial assessment with the Student Counselling Service.

You will then receive an email from the Counselling Service for an initial meeting.

You will initially be invited to meet with one of our qualified counsellors for an assessment during which they will discuss the best way in which the service can support you.

The service at Goldsmiths offers short term one-to-one counselling and is also able to refer or signpost students to external services that offer longer term or specialist counselling.

Counselling Sessions

If you are offered ongoing counselling, the counsellor will discuss the number of sessions that can be offered to you. Sessions are offered by both qualified and trainee counsellors.

Each counselling session will last 50 minutes and will normally take place at the same time each week.

Your commitment to attending your scheduled counselling appointments is an essential part of the counselling process. There is a very high demand for counselling, and we therefore have a clear policy on lateness and non-attendance for the benefit of all students wishing to use this service.

Late arrival

If you are going to be late for your counselling appointment, please email your counsellor. If you are late for your session and have not forewarned your counsellor, they will wait for 20 minutes after which we cannot guarantee the session will be held open for you.

Non-attendance and cancellation

Please let your counsellor know in advance by email if you are unable to attend one of your sessions.

If you miss a session without informing your counsellor, they will then contact you to confirm your next appointment date. You are required to confirm the appointment within 48 hours.

If your counsellor does not hear from you in that time, she/he will assume you no longer want counselling, and your file will be closed.

Due to high demand, missed sessions cannot usually be replaced.

Contact with your counsellor

The best way to contact your counsellor is by email. Please be aware that many of the counsellors work part-time, so you may not receive a response straight away.

Evaluation of Counselling

At the end of your counselling contract, you will be asked to complete an anonymous evaluation form about the service.

If you agreed to take part in our counselling evaluation research programme (CORE) when you first came for counselling, you will be asked to fill in a second CORE questionnaire. Completion of these forms is voluntary.


We work to provide the best possible counselling service to students.

If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the service, you should speak to your counsellor first.

If after this, you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Head of Student Advice and Wellbeing.

While supporting students based outside of the UK, it is important to state that the support offered by the Counselling Service is being undertaken in accordance with UK laws and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

See information about Goldsmiths’ Student Complaints Procedure.

Equality and Diversity Statement

We are committed to practising counselling in ways that are inclusive, accessible and affirming to clients from all backgrounds, cultures, races, beliefs, sexualities, abilities and gender identities.