How we are processing applications in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has meant major changes to how grades for most qualifications are decided, and we have had to bring in some new ways of dealing with applications. Here are some of the main changes for 2020.

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This year, with many exams cancelled, you may be feeling anxious about how we are considering your application, or you may have other questions about our entry requirements. We are following the guidance from the relevant government bodies (Office for Students, Department of Education) and UCAS about how to process applications, but most important to us is making sure we give every application fair consideration.

Please bear in mind that Goldsmiths staff are working from home where possible, and that includes those who deal with applications, so processing them may take a little longer than usual.

A-levels and other UK qualifications

Alternative arrangements have been made for most UK exams, and you will receive a grade based on work completed on the course and assessment by your teachers. A-level grades will be released on 13 August, as originally planned, and GCSEs a week later. Scottish qualifications are also expected to be released at the normal time. Vocational qualifications are more mixed but BTEC and most of the qualifications accepted by Goldsmiths will award a final grade. International A-levels and GCSEs have similar arrangements and will also be accepted as normal.

We will process these grades as normal, so if you achieve the grades specified in your offer conditions via this method of assessment, your place at Goldsmiths will be confirmed.

If you feel your grades are not a reflection of your ability, you can submit a mitigating circumstances claim, preferably with a supporting statement from your school/college/university or other evidence to We will give some consideration to all mitigating circumstances claims, with or without supporting evidence, but confirmation is not guaranteed.

See the Special Admissions Arrangements for 2020 page for more in depth information about how our Admissions team is dealing with applications this year, including guidance for private candidates, and others who cannot obtain a grade for qualifications.

International students

At Goldsmiths, we are very proud of being such a global institution, with students from around 140 countries. We would like the 2020 intake to be just as international, and want students from around the world to feel welcome, safe and supported.

Qualifications gained outside the UK

To find out how our Admissions team is treating non-UK qualifications, please see our Special Admissions Arrangements for 2020 page

English language requirements

The conditions of you offer, including the English language requirements, should generally be met by 31 August 2020, if you are to join us for the autumn term.

If you are concerned about meeting the requirements, there are a number of steps that we have made to help you:

  • We have updated our additional options for tests. Please see the alternative English Language test webpage.
  • Some English language test providers are now offering online versions of their assessment that can be taken from home. The English Language Centre, Immigration Advisory Service and Student Recruitment team will obtain details of these tests and assess their suitability to meet English language requirements. They may be accepted for entry directly or in combination with a Goldsmiths Pre-sessional English programme.
  • Goldsmiths' Pre-sessional English programmes are now offered online, and entry requirements for these have been updated so applicants no longer need to take a UKVI approved SELT.
  • We are able to be a little more flexible in considering English Language tests, including how long ago the test was taken and the scores. This is only when the academic department, Admissions team and the Immigration Advisory Service are satisfied that the applicant has the ability to study and will not have any problems with obtaining a student visa.

If you are still worried you will be unable to meet the conditions of your offer by the end of August, please email

CAS statements

We understand that many international students will be worried about how we are processing Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statements.

Please visit the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) webpages to find to most up-to-date information about this. You can contact the IAS by emailing including your name and Student Number.