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22. Research

22.1 General

22.1.1 All academic and contract research staff should read and adhere to the College Policy Safeguarding Good Academic and Scientific Practice before undertaking research within the College to ensure that College research practice is of the highest quality and integrity.

22.2 External Grant Applications

22.2.1 All formal applications for external financial support must be approved in advance by the Pro-Warden (Research and Enterprise) prior to submission, and the Pro-Warden (Research and Enterprise) will be the signatory on behalf of the College. The budget for any application for external financial support must be approved in writing by the Director of Finance prior to submission.

22.2.2 Applications from within academic departments must have the written support of the Head of Department and of the Pro-Warden (Research and Enterprise). Applications from other departments must have the written support of the Head of that department and of the relevant member of the Senior Management Team. In planning and applying for research grants where the research involves human subjects, appropriate account should be taken of the College's Code of Practice on Research Ethics.

22.2.3 Applications must, where necessary, indicate that provision has been made to meet the requirements of all relevant legislation, such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Data Protection Act 1998.

22.2.4 It is to be noted that, unless the proposed sponsor specifically precludes it, the budget must include an element to cover overhead and indirect expenses, and in normal circumstances this will be calculated using the formula currently specified by the Research Councils.

22.3 Research Assistants and Associates

22.3.1 Any application for temporary research appointments shall be made through the Establishment Control process in the normal way and supported in writing by the Head of Department.

22.3.2 The appointment of all staff on research contracts must be made through the normal College appointment process and will be governed by the appropriate Conditions of Service.

22.3.3 All personnel and payroll matters shall be dealt with through the relevant College officers and procedures.

22.4 Leave of Absence - Paid and Unpaid

22.4.1 Applications for paid and unpaid leave of absence for the purposes of research must be made to the Pro-Warden (Research and Enterprise) at least six months prior to the proposed commencement date. Leave of absence will only be granted when it is consistent with the agreed research strategy of the department and the College, and the Head of Department must make a written statement setting out the contribution that such leave would make to the research strategy. Paid leave can only be granted where it can be resourced from within the budget of the department without prejudice to teaching and administration and the Head of Department will be required to specify in detail how the duties of a member of staff will be carried out during his or her proposed absence on sabbatical leave.

22.4.2 All approvals for unpaid leave where a replacement is required will be conditional upon receipt by the College before the date by which it must contractually commit replacement staff costs of an assurance of the applicant's firm intention to take the whole of the leave and, where appropriate, that funding from an external body is certain. The applicant will be required to sign a disclaimer of the right to receive salary should the unpaid leave be curtailed other than with prior agreement of the College.