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15. Outside work and consultancy

15.1 Scope of this Ordinance

15.1.1 Consultancy - both College and private consultancy, which shall be regulated by a Consultancy Policy approved by Council on the recommendation of Academic Board.

15.1.2 Activities directly connected with an individual's normal field of work for the College, whether remunerated or not, including:

  • external examining, invited external lectures/performances, and participation in conferences;
  • editorship of academic journals or the publication of academic articles;
  • authorship of, or royalties from, the publication of scholarly books;
  • service on public sector or charitable committees, or other forms of public service connected with normal work which do not take up a substantial proportion of an individual's time.

15.1.3 Work not connected with an individual's normal work for the College, whether remunerated or not.

15.2 Permission to undertake outside work

15.2.1 Any circumstances in which permission is required for activities under 15.1.1 shall be specified in the Consultancy Policy.

15.2.2 No permission is required to undertake work as specified under 15.1.2 or 15.1.3, unless it is required under arrangements for the authorisation of expenditure by the College or use of College resources such as computing facilities. However, staff must ensure and be ready to demonstrate that their outside work is not so substantial as to impinge adversely on the effective and full performance of their contractual duties. Staff should also declare any conflicts of interest in accordance with the Conflict of Interests Policy.