Dr Martina Tazzioli

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Position Reader in Politics and Technology
Email martina.tazzioli (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 896 2126
Dr Martina Tazzioli

Her work, at the crossroad of critical overall explores the biopolitical mechanisms by which some subjects are racialised and governed as “migrants”, analysing the intertwining of modes of objectivation and subjectivities. More recently, she has investigated the technologization of the border regime and how technologies constitute a battlefield for migrants, states and non-state actors.

Martina is part of the editorial collective of Radical Philosophy, she is co-editor in chief of the Journal Politics and on the editorial board of Political Geography Open Access.

She is also a member of the Euro-African network Migreurop that produces reports on migration, border externalisation and human rights violations.

Martina’s work is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach at the crossroad of political theory, migration and border studies and political geography. She published in highly ranked journals in the field of politics, critical security studies, human geography and migration. She has published three monographs on migration and she co-edited two books on the work and uses of Michel Foucault.

Prior to joining Goldsmiths as a lecturer, Martina worked at Swansea University and City University of London. She did two postdocs at Labex, Aix-en-Provence and at the University of Oulu. She obtained her PhD in 2013 at Goldsmiths College, in the Department of Politics & International Relations.

Martina is part of the Goldsmiths Migration Network she actively contributes to, and she coordinates the seminar series "Migration, Technology & Postcolonial Genealogies" in the department


  • World Politics (first-year module)
  • Politics & Technology (second-year module)
  • Digital technologies, migration and citizenship (third-year module)

Research Interests

Her research interest are at the intersection of critical migration and border studies, continental political philosophy and critical security studies.

Currently, she is developing three research projects:

The financialisation of refugee humanitarianism and the use of digital technologies in controlling migration, with a focus on Greece (Leverhulme/British academy small grant, 2018-2019). More broadly, this project critically engages with techno-humanitarianism and the politics of data circulation. Martina won a British Academy Small Grant based on this research area in 2018 entitled 'Digital Technologies and Refugee Goverance in Greece'. Martina is also a co-investigator on a recently started three year ESRC grant award entitled 'Financial Inclusion and Digital Connectivity in Refugee Governance'

How mobility and dispersal are used by state authorities as technologies for governing colonised populations and present unruly collective subjects. As part of this project, I am interested in studying and conceptualising emergent collective subjects that cannot be analysed through sociological categories such as populations and the people. This project investigates how, from an epistemic standpoint, we can rethinking borders starting from partial non-control, opacity, non-identification and not-seeing.

Biopolitics of mobility and temporal borders: conceptualising modes of violence, constraint and containment that cannot be analysed in terms of making live/letting die. Focus on invisible violences and on the governing through uncertainty and opacity. This project investigates the role of temporality and temporal borders in enhancing precariousness. 

Martina is also co-ordinating a Seminar Series for the Centre for Post Colonial Studies in the departnent entitled 'Migaration Technologies and Post Colonial Genealogies'

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

Cremonesi, Laura; Irrera, Orazio; Lorenzini, Daniele and Tazzioli, Martina, eds. 2016. Foucault and the Making of Subjects. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN 9781786601049

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Book Section

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