Support upon your return

There is support available for students arriving back to Goldsmiths after studying or working abroad.

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Reverse Culture Shock

Coming back to the UK after some time abroad can make you feel out of place and like you do not belong with the people you are around. You may likely feel unsettled in your family or friendship groups. All these experiences are known as reverse culture shock.

You may feel like a ‘new person’ and the life you have come back to does not align anymore. The culture and customs you had to adapt to abroad may now no longer apply which can contribute to a feeling of unsettledness.

In addition, you may have experienced more freedom travelling alone which could be gone on your return.

Here are some steps to help you overcome reverse culture shock:

  • Discuss experiences with other students who have returned home
  • Talk about it! Talk to those close to you how you’re feeling to help with the post-travel blues
  • Get out and about in your local area to get used to your new environment and routine
  • Know that your feelings are normal, valid and it is important to note the people around you will adapt to the new you

Keeping in touch with connections

The networking you did abroad is certainly invaluable. Building relationships and connections with other like-minded people, whether they be students at other institutions, students doing different courses, or staff at a foreign institution, is extremely beneficial.

Keeping in touch with these networks can help you feel less lonely when you arrive back home. It would be a good idea to get their phone numbers and/or emails to stay in touch. You can also speak to them about your experiences of reverse culture shock.


As a Go Abroad alumnus, you can meet up with each other in the Autumn term after your global opportunity to meet with other Goldsmiths students who have gone abroad and share your experiences. 


Completing a global opportunity is a very rewarding experience. It also increases your employability and employers are seeking candidates with international experience more than ever.

Now that you have come back from completing an international opportunity, you may be wondering how to best utilise this or reflect on the experience. Speak to the Careers Service who can help you with your CV and interview skills. You can book an appointment on CareerSPACE.