Immigration and visas

Students may need a visa to study or work abroad. The host university or organisation will provide advice and guidance on immigration.

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EU/UK passport holders

Prior to the UK leaving the UK, if you have an EU/UK passport and will be working or studying in an EU country, then a visa should not currently be necessary.

This may change depending on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. Please visit our Brexit page for guidance.

Other passport holders

If you do not have an EU/UK passport, or you will be working or studying outside of the EU, then you may need a visa.

The Goldsmiths Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) is unable to provide support with this, as they are only able to advise students entering the UK.

Your host university or organisation should provide support with immigration advice. If you are unsure whether you need a visa, or have any questions about visas and immigration, then get in touch with your host university or organisation.

Country-specific information

You can also find country-specific information on