Information on what is covered by Goldsmiths insurance and what isn't.

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If you are enrolled as a student for the entirety of your placement abroad, you will be covered by Goldsmiths insurance.

The terms of this cover include medical expenses, repatriation, emergency travel expenses, baggage insurance, cancellation curtailment replacement rearrangement, change of itinerary, evacuation, legal expenses, and personal liability.

You will have access to a 24-hour medical and security assistance helpline should you need to access this cover.

You will need to complete a risk assessment to be insured, and the Goldsmiths insurance team will issue you with the relevant insurance documents.

Please keep the policy number with you at all times during your time away, and share it with friends and family. More information can be found on the Goldsmiths travel insurance page.

You will need to complete a risk assessment to be insured, and the Goldsmiths insurance team will issue you with the relevant insurance documents.

Students who graduate before or during their placement are not covered by Goldsmiths insurance, as you must be enrolled as a student with Goldsmiths to be covered.

You will need to purchase private insurance to ensure that you are sufficiently covered for the whole of your time away. This is a condition of your funding.

Ensure that you purchase adequate insurance. Research various options. It is important that you find a cover that includes the following:

  • Medical costs for treatment in case of illness or accidental injury
  • Benefits for permanent disabling injuries, eg rehabilitation and living costs
  • Benefits for death and costs of repatriation
  • Cover for loss or damage to your personal belongings
  • Cover for cancelled flights
  • Check the excess levels – sometimes worth paying more to reduce the excess
  • Personal liability cover
  • 24-hour emergency assistance helpline
  • Many policies also have Legal Expenses cover, which is recommended in case you need legal assistance while overseas.

It is essential to check that the insurance policy includes cover for expenses relating to Covid-19 including cancellation, curtailment and medical costs. Please check this prior to purchasing insurance.

Some organisations may provide insurance. Check with your host organisation to see whether they provide any insurance cover. Do they have public liability and employer’s liability? Does their insurance cover you whilst you are on placement?

Make sure you keep a note of the name of your insurance provider, your policy number and expiry date as well as the emergency contact details. Share them with your family and with Goldsmiths Global Opportunities team.

Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

If studying or working within Europe, make sure you have a valid Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) for the duration of your mobility. This will give you access to state-provided healthcare within the EU. This does not replace travel insurance.

Please note this cover will end at the end on 31 January 2021. For the latest information please see's advice