Study Abroad and Erasmus+


Goldsmiths is an international institution, and we have overseas students coming as visiting students through our Study Abroad programme, as well as opportunities for our own students and staff to study or work in other countries.


If you are a current Goldsmiths student, find out more about the opportunities available to study or work in Europe.

If you are studying at a European university which we have an Erasmus+ exchange agreement with, take a look at our information for incoming Erasmus+ students

Study Abroad at Goldsmiths

If you are an international student interested in studying at Goldsmiths for up to a year, read our information for incoming students.



Photo of Emma
Emma studied at Trinity College Dublin as part of the Erasmus programme.

"Having the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university made me realise that the world really is our oyster. I enjoyed collaborating with incredibly talented students at Trinity and fully took advantage of the facilities at the university to experiment more with my work. It made me appreciate Goldsmiths more and when I returned I became far more active within the theatre scene at Goldsmiths and around London.

The exchange allowed me to work on devising performance, showing it to the whole year, and achieving the highest mark. This was an incredible experience and made me realise that we are capable of so much if given the right tools. I would advise any other student not to miss out on this incredible chance. It may seem like a lot of stress with juggling the dissertation and projects, but it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will make you thrive in so many ways."