Study Abroad modules

As the Goldsmiths Study Abroad programme is truly interdisciplinary, modules of interest to you may be located in different subject areas (eg “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ” is under Therapeutic Studies, not Psychology) – make sure you look through them all!

Please note: Study Abroad students can choose modules from across departments, with the exception of Art and Design. If you wish to study Art or Design you must specify this in your application to the Study Abroad programme. Erasmus+ and International Exchange students are only permitted to study modules within their host department.

Modules listed are from the 2021/22 academic year and should be treated as an indicative selection. Please note, we cannot guarantee module availability.

If you are interested in adding an internship to your Study Abroad programme visit our internship page.

Whilst studying at Goldsmiths I found that it was diverse, cross-cultural and has a leading edge. Goldsmiths is open to new values and ways of thinking, and I always enjoyed discussing issues we faced inside or outside classes and found joy in learning.

Sayaka Koizumi

Sayaka Koizumi