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Amanda Wall


Amanda Wall is currently studying at Sarah Lawrence College (New York, USA), and came to Goldsmiths through Arcadia in fall 2019. She gave us an insight into British culture from an American perspective, and how studying abroad has influenced her plans for the future. She also highlights her experience of studying abroad with a disability.

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Emily Hwu


Emily Hwu is currently majoring in Psychology at Vassar College (New York, USA). Originally from Texas, Emily came to Goldsmiths with a group of other Vassar students and a faculty member in the spring term of 2019. She spoke to us about her classes at Goldsmiths and her favourite places in New Cross.

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Koy Mendee


Koy Mendee is a Marketing major from Rhode Island, studying at Northeastern University (Massachusetts, USA) who came to Goldsmiths in Spring 2019. She gave us an insight into London nightlife and Goldsmith's accommodation. She also spoke about the differences between the US and UK education systems, and about the skills she’s learned from studying abroad.

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Madison Lee


Madison Lee, originally from New Jersey, is a double major in Psychology, and Film & Media Studies at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA) who studied at Goldsmiths in Spring 2019. She spoke to us about travelling around Europe, student support, and Goldsmiths' unique teaching style.

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Patrick Wallace


Patrick Wallace studied abroad at Goldsmiths in spring 2016. He is now enrolled in a graduate programme to become a psychotherapist by earning two simultaneous master’s degrees. He spoke to us about his experience at Goldsmiths and how his time abroad in London influenced his career.

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Zoey Zeiger


Zoey Zeiger, originally from Chicago, is a double major in Psychology and Education at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA). She studied at Goldsmiths in Spring 2019, and spoke to us about her favourite things to do on campus, the student community at Goldsmiths, and shared her top tips for future Study Abroad students.

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