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David (International Business Major, Arcadia University)

Internship in public policy research with an NGO focused on sustainability - Fall 2020

"I’m working with an NGO that brings together policymakers and stakeholders in the realm of sustainability, including civil servants, Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament as well as business, serving as a forum for high-level events in the area of sustainability.

"One initiative that I’ve helped a lot with lately is producing a webinar on sustainability in transportation, as well as a maritime industry webinar."

I have a real interest in sustainability, so this has been a really good fit for me. I feel strongly about the environment and have been glad to work in this area within public policy research. When I started my internship I did a lot of research on things such as the European Green Deal, as well as the UN’s sustainable development goals (there are 17 of them!), and generally got a really good introduction to the broader work going on in the field of sustainability. I’ve also learned a lot about which industries have the strongest impacts upon greenhouse gas emissions and carbon emissions.

The internship seminar has been great. I’ve enjoyed meeting with other students and reflecting on my experience in the internship placement."

Humna (International Relations major, Arcadia University)

Parliamentary intern - Fall 2019

"The internship has been the highlight of my semester in the UK. I was really worried about meeting Londoners but my internship has really helped me in this as I was able to get involved in the community and get to know what real Londoners are like.

I’ve been placed in Parliament working with an MP but because of the General Election (Autumn 2019) Parliament has been closed for much of the time I’ve been here, but I’m working on my MP’s political campaign in the run-up to the election.

Early in the term I was doing research and policy work analysis, as well as handling constituent queries and going to meetings with staff, but now I’m out there campaigning with my MP, meeting Londoners, going to rallies, meeting other politicians, which is fun. But it is always something new every day! Very difficult to describe any one thing that I do but I really enjoy it!"

Brandon (American Studies major, Brandeis University)

Intern at the London Bureau of a US network news broadcaster - Fall 2019

"I’ve been interning with the London bureau of a major US news network, working with the national affiliate and with the teams that go out for global news covering both England and the United Kingdom, like anywhere that it reaches such as the Middle East and Europe. I’ve enjoyed my internship immensely and have had a lot of opportunities to assist the news teams covering current events in London, including the Extinction Rebellion protests in October, as well as helping out in the studio. It’s been a great experience."

Madison (Communications Major, Villanova University)

Digital Marketing Intern at an international hospitality business - Summer 2020

"I worked with a large international company that works on developing a number of sustainable businesses within the hospitality sector. They were focused this summer on opening up new venues such as a restaurant, a student hotel, spa and a gym. There was always a lot going on and a lot to learn.

My main focus as the marketing intern was working on the new student hotel that they were opening, which was probably my favourite project to work on because they really valued my perspective and opinion as a student.

"The communication with my supervisor and colleagues was very strong, and I was able to attend twice-weekly meetings with the company’s Director as well."

I worked on creating a student brochure to promote the hotel they are opening. This was one of their previous four-star luxury hotels which they are converting into student accommodation for students travelling in London. I worked on the marketing plan for them, as well as doing regular postings on their social media, and I even got to design my own flyers for them. For that, I used a design platform called Canva, which I was trained on. So there were a lot of projects and a lot of variation.

I really enjoyed my placement and learned a lot. I also enjoyed the academic seminar, which helped me to regularly reflect on my experience, and talking about it with Arcadia’s Course Convenor as well as peers in the class added to this as well."

Natalie (Communications major, Arcadia University)

Intern at a Fashion PR Firm

"I’ve enjoyed getting to be a part of an internship and getting real-world work experience in the fashion industry as back home in the US it’s not that easy to get an internship or get your foot in the door in the fashion industry. My placement has been busy and enjoyable."

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