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This page has all the information you might need about academic requirements, including grade conversions, syllabi, and module choices.

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Grades and credits

Undergraduate students on the autumn semester Study Abroad programme take a total of 60 credits. This equals four 15 credit modules.

Undergraduate students on the spring/summer Study Abroad programme also take a total of 60 credits. This equals four 15 credit modules. Teaching takes place in the spring semester, and assessments take place in the summer semester.

Undergraduate students on the full academic year Study Abroad programme take a total of 120 credits. Students can take eight 15 credit modules (four in the autumn semester, and four in the spring semester), or four 30 credit modules (these modules are taught across the autumn and spring semesters), or a combination of 15 credit and 30 credit modules. Credit values for postgraduate modules can vary, so please contact us directly at studyabroad ( for more information.

On the Study Abroad internship programme, students take three modules (45 credits). The internship is credit-bearing with an accompanying assessed module, worth 4 US credits. You should ensure the internship programme is approved by your home university before applying for the programme.

ECTS credits

The ECTS credit value of our modules is half the Goldsmiths credit value. A 15 credit module is worth 7.5 ECTS credits, and a 30 credit module is worth 15 ECTS credits.


Full syllabi for modules are available by request. Please email studyabroad (


You will be graded according to the British grading system. The table below suggests how these grades could be converted. Please note that your home university may choose to interpret grades differently.

Please note that for students on the Study Abroad internship programme, the internship is facilitated by Arcadia, so grading for this will vary. If you are direct enrolling with Goldsmiths on the internship programme, you will receive two separate transcripts, one for your Goldsmiths modules and one for your Arcadia internship.

Goldsmiths Degree Class

UK Percentage Marks (%)

US Equivalent Grade


80 - 100


70 - 79


Upper Second (2:1)

65 - 69


60 - 64


Lower Second (2:2)

55 - 59


50 - 54



46 - 49


43 - 45


40 - 42



0 - 39

Choosing your modules

Please note: Erasmus+ students can only choose modules from within their host department. 

We have over 600 modules available to Study Abroad students. You can browse our full catalogue on the Study Abroad module finder.

  • Our module selection process takes place online. For autumn semester and full-year students, this process takes place in July.
  • For spring/summer students, this process takes place in November.

You should check with your home university which modules taken at Goldsmiths will provide you with credit. In the module selection process, we ask for both first choice modules and back up choices, to be used in case of timetable clashes or changes in availability. We recommend you get at least eight modules approved by your home university.

Learning and teaching

Most modules at Goldsmiths are taught using a combination of lectures and seminars. Some modules may also have tutorials, workshops, or lab sessions.

You will generally have two contact hours a week for each of your modules. You will also be expected to undertake independent study.

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