Undergraduate Politics and International Relations degrees


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BA (Hons) Economics, Politics & Public Policy

This programme addresses the practice of politics in the ‘real-world’, in which every political choice is simultaneously an economic act, and every economic decision has indelible political consequences.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) History & Politics

This exciting degree lets you explore the ways in which thinking about politics is vital to a study of history, and how the past development of social and political institutions and ideas is crucial to an understanding of contemporary politics.

  • History

BA (Hons) International Relations

If you want to understand the impact of the Arab Spring or the ideology of ISIS, how US foreign policy is shaped by domestic politics, how international trade affects various parts of the world, how different cultures shape political decision making, or how international NGOs operate, this is the degree for you.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) International Relations & Chinese

China has been at the forefront of a global economic power shift in the aftermath of the global economic crisis in 2008. On this degree you’ll gain the cultural, philosophical, conceptual and linguistic tools to focus on China, with a solid grounding in International Relations.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) Politics

The study of politics entails more than the study of government. This programme is concerned with the way in which we understand and communicate about the problems and conflicts we face, and the formal exercise of power.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy & Economics

This challenging and ground-breaking degree introduces you to core ideas and issues in politics, philosophy and economics. It will equip you to understand how the economy is governed, how public policy gets made and the ideas which shape the world.

  • Politics and International Relations

BA (Hons) Sociology & Politics

This degree gives you a thorough grounding in sociology and politics, in methods of social and political research, and in interdisciplinary approaches to political analysis.

  • Sociology

Why study Politics and International Relations at Goldsmiths? 

We don't just examine parliaments, voting systems and the formal centres of political power. We explore ‘the politics behind politics’ – the major economic, social and cultural conflicts that are hidden by the formal veneer of institutions, but are central to everyday life.

As members of our vibrant and innovative department, you’ll join the international debate about how the world works, and how it is changing. You’ll explore the values and ideas that have set the world on its present course, and you’ll be invited to consider what we might, collectively, do differently.

  • We’re innovative. Our inventive and challenging modules will defamiliarise you from what you think you already know, and encourage you to look at politics from a different perspective.
  • We’re challenging. We teach you how to develop your own thinking, not what to think. We'll encourage your own independent views about the world, and teach you vital skills in critical thinking and conceptual analysis.
  • We’re diverse. It’s why we have leading experts teaching the politics of China, India, Japan and Africa, as well as international relations, political economy, political theory and British politics.
  • You’ll have a wide range of options to choose from and can tailor your degree programme around your own interests, benefiting from a university education that is as broad as it is rigorous.
  • From study abroad opportunities, and exciting events, to our embedded work placement programme which prepares students for their careers, we make the student experience central to the life of the department.

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