Changing your subject

Have you changed your mind about the subject you want to study? Use Clearing to explore your options.

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Clearing 2024 opens on 5 July. If you're interested in studying at Goldsmiths, use our course finder to browse our courses.

It's not unusual to change your mind

Coming to a decision about what to study at university is a difficult and important choice. You are not alone if you have doubts about the subject you have applied for, and Clearing gives you the chance to look at alternatives. 

Remember that you are not obliged to accept an offer when you speak to universities during Clearing. You can find out what other options are available to you before make your choice – even if ultimately you stick with your original route. 

Considering your options now is the most sensible approach as you are much better off making the right decision for you before your course begins. We want you to enjoy your studies, so get in touch and find out if we can offer you a subject that is a better fit for you.

Change subject at Goldsmiths

Do you have a have an offer to study at Goldsmiths but you are not certain you have chosen the right subject?

If you think you may be better suited to another subject, you can email us earlier than Clearing to see what your options are. However, if it comes around to Clearing and your ambitions have changed then definitely give us a call and we can explore what options are available to you.

Jennifer, Head of Admissions

Our interdisciplinary approach

At Goldsmiths we have an interdisciplinary ethos, which means many of our students and academics work across disciplines to create new approaches to research and subject areas.

Student story

Psychology student, Mary, came to Goldsmiths through Clearing after changing her mind about where she wanted to study:

I applied through Clearing a month before Results Day. And I did this because I decided to pursue my dream and actually go into university in London… as a student, when you first come to university – whether it be a city you're not familiar with, or one you're completely familiar with – the experience of Goldsmiths makes it new, and makes it exciting, and makes it welcoming.

Mary, BSc Psychology

Mary, BSc Psychology