Staying in London

Are you a Londoner who has changed their mind about studying away from home? You could apply to a local university through Clearing.

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Clearing 2023 is now closed. If you're interested in applying to study at Goldsmiths, use the course finder to find out more about our degrees.

Deciding to move away from home to study is a big decision, and many students change their mind about where they want to study. If you already live in London, you know about the many benefits of the city and you may have decided you want to stay. In fact, staying local is becoming an increasingly popular option for students applying to university. If you want to change your mind about staying local for any reason or if you have decided this in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic then applying to London universities through Clearing gives you the chance to explore this option.

Considering whether staying in London is the right decision for you by doing your research is a good approach so you can see whether studying close to home might be a better fit. Remember, you aren't obliged to accept an offer if you speak to local universities during Clearing, you may decide to stick with your original plan to move away, the choice is yours.

Student story

Deborah decided to stay in London to study, and was surprised to find it gave her a different perspective of the city:

Having friends from out of the country and from different cities coming to Goldsmiths, they show you the city through their lens and it's a very different perspective. I feel like you enjoy London more! Sometimes you're shown things by someone who is not from the area – because they are more open-minded and more willing to have experiences.



Applying through Clearing could lead to many new adventures, find out from our students what studying at Goldsmiths is like.