Worried about your grades

Take a look at your options if you are concerned you will not have the right grades to join the degree programme you planned.

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Clearing 2023 opens on 5 July. If you're interested in studying at Goldsmiths, use our course finder to find out more about our degrees.

The lead-up to the announcement of A-levels, or other exam results, is often an anxious time. For the first time in three years exams will be taking place this summer, and we understand that makes applying for university more daunting than ever. Being nervous is totally normal. If you're worried about your grades, Clearing can give you opportunities you may not have considered before.

They've been so friendly… I felt that all the other universities didn't really have that contact. You either get this grade or you don't... But at Goldsmiths they say, let's have the conversation.

Isobel, BA History & Anthropology

How it works

Explore the courses we have on offer. Please get in touch with us if you know you want to change your plans and come to Goldsmiths.

We would also advise you to look at the Life on Campus section of our website and watch some of our videos about what makes Goldsmiths special on YouTube to see if it is the right choice of university for you.

Consider a foundation year

Goldsmiths offers degrees with an additional foundational year. These four-year degrees can be an ideal choice for students who don’t feel quite ready to begin an undergraduate programme yet and want to consolidate their knowledge for an academic year. They are also suited to mature students looking to return to education. Take a look at our four-year degrees in Media & Communications, ComputingPsychology, English, History, Music and Anthropology.

If you're worried about applying through Clearing, we have some handy advice on the process.