Phillip Crewe

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Position Technical Tutor
Department Design
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Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7791
Phillip Crewe

Philip is a designer/maker. His practice espergaerde explores that fascinating wiggly weirdness between people and things. He creates everyday objects whose significance is defined through the relationships people cultivate with them. These are storied objects – objects that are valued for how they are made and relevant in how they are used. Much of Philip’s work is dictated by his skill as a woodturner. However, over the years, espergaerde has come to encompass a disparate collection of projects that span craft, communication and industrial design.

He studied at the Royal College of Arts and has previously worked at Sebastian Cox Furniture, Echo Brand Design and FIAT Auto. Whilst at the RCA he researched extensively into vernacular creativity, intrigued to unpack the mechanisms behind how the vernacular sets aside what is true/real/authentic and gets on with making. The research exposed that vernacular creativity is invariably more successful at affecting culture than the creative class. These notions led Philip to grow his practice, placing more emphasis on creating objects that facilitate behaviour – resilient props for creativity.

His areas of expertise include wood, metal and sketch-modelling.