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Department Design
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Liam Healy

Liam has been teaching at Goldsmiths since 2013. He is currently an associate lecturer and tutor in studio practice on the BA Design and convenes the BA1 Methods and Processes course.

He is a component in the disparate, collaborative collective 'Design Unlikely Futures':; and is currently completing his PhD by practice with the working title of: 'Empirical Speculation and Urban Disasters: Prototyping Futures in The Jungle’ funded byAHRC Design Star scheme.



Lecturer & Tutor, Goldsmiths, University of London
[January 2013 - Present]

Lecturer/tutor in the Design Department at Goldsmiths. Course convenor of BA1 Methods & Processes.

PHD Candidate, Goldsmiths, University of London
[October 2016 - Present]

'Empirical Speculation and Urban Disasters: Prototyping Futures in The Jungle' (working title).
AHRC Design Star funded.


Exhibitions, Talks, Papers, Publications etc.

  • A conversation on connecting racism and migration. Goldsmiths, London: Design Unlikely Futures and The ‘Jungle’ [2017]
  • Contested Borderscapes, Transnational Geographies vis-à-vis Fortress Europe. Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece: Design Unlikely Futures and The ‘Jungle’ [2017]
  • Design Unlikely Futures | The System of Systems Goldsmiths, London: Autonomous Broadcast Bike, The System of Systems & Conversation, broadcasting from Lesvos.  [2017]
  • Nordes 2017, Oslo, Norway: Design Unlikely Futures and the Jungle [2017]
  • System of Systems, Athens, Greece: Design Unlikely Futures and the Jungle [2017]
  • Wounded Places Symposium, Parsons, NYC: Design Unlikely Futures and the Jungle [2017]
  • Maker Assembly, Sheffield, UK: Making in the Jungle & Design Unlikely Futures [2016]
  • Practices of Design, Goldsmiths, UK: Design Unlikely Futures [2016]
  • Goldsmiths Research Enterprise Committee funding [2016]
  • AHRC Design Star funding award [2016]
  • Arts Academy University of Split, Croatia: Design the end of the world [2015]
  • Mill Co, London: ‘Four chairs in four days’ [2012]
  • London Design Festival, UK: ‘BeOpen- Four chairs in four days’ [2012]
  • MOST, Milan, Italy: ‘Four Chairs in four days’ [2012]
  • Architecture for Humanity: ‘Ideas on a postcard: Brick replacement service’ [2012]
  • Interiors UK: JAILmake [2012]
  • Dezeen space: ‘Brick replacement service’ [2011]
  • Designers Block: ‘JAILmake- Plantable’ [2011]
  • PIRATE UTOPIAS: ‘Machines for believing in’ [2009]
  • New Designers: ‘The design factory’ [2009]
  • London Design Festival, UK: ‘Made in 24hrs’ [2008]





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Plan for An Activity in Mind
Vishmidt, Marina. 2015. Plan for An Activity in Mind. In: John Cunningham; Anthony Iles; Mira Mattar and Marina Vishmidt, eds. Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis. Berlin: Archive Books. ISBN 978-3-943620-30-6