Covid-19 Regulation changes

Information for students who had assessments in 2019-20 and updates to 2020-21 polices and procedures.

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Exceptional Academic Regulations

Goldsmiths stopped operating under its Exceptional Academic Regulations (2019-20) (PDF) at the end of the 2019-20 academic year.

They will still apply to any taught masters' students who studied in 2019-20 but are yet to complete.

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Goldsmiths has amended its Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures 2020-21 (PDF) for the duration of 2020/21 so that:

  • Students do not need to provide independent evidence of any Extenuating Circumstances (EC) when making an application
  • The expanded definitions of particular ECs adopted in March 2020 remain in place for the duration of 2020/21
  • A minimum of 10 working days for extensions to assessment submissions will be in place for the duration of 2020/21 to ensure consistency when EC applications are approved by an academic department

Attendance Policy

Goldsmiths has amended its Student Attendance Policy 2020-21 (PDF) in light of the blended approach to the delivery of teaching and learning in 2020/21.

The Policy now includes reference to student attendance (at scheduled sessions provided in person) and student engagement (with scheduled sessions provided online).

Appeals procedure

In line with the College's approach to EC applications (see above), where an academic appeal is submitted under the ground of new information about ECs, there will be no requirement to provide independent evidence in support of the ECs.

Academic Misconduct Policy

Where necessary under the Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedures 2020-21 (PDF) a hearing will take place. Usually, this would take place in person. The Policy has been amended so that where a hearing is necessary under the Policy it can be held online rather than require a student to attend in person.

2020-21 Regulations and Policies

See the Regulations and Policies from 2020-21.