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Goldsmiths partners with Channel Talent to host a series of webinars showcasing interactive lectures from our academics to enhance your learning.

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Alongside our partners at Channel Talent, we put on a selection of lectures across a variety of subjects, as well as shorter talks in collaboration with other universities. All sessions are 1 hour long, featuring either a full hour lecture or two half-hour presentations with different universities. The webinars encourage participation and allow you to voice your opinions, as well as hearing those of other students from across the UK.

The webinars are primarily aimed at students in Years 12 and 13, with content often designed around your A-level or BTEC curriculum.

Bookings are made through the Channel Talent website and can be made by individuals, or by a school representative for a group. We accept bookings from all group sizes, including a small group of interested students, a whole class, or even a whole year group. 

Check out the upcoming sessions below and head to the Channel Talent website to book.

Upcoming sessions

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17 October 2022, 12.45 - 1.30pm

Lecturer: Dr Brian Callan

Dr Brian Callan, Lecturer in Psychosocial Studies, presents Is it just me, or is the whole world crazy? Psychosocial Approaches to Mental Health & Wellbeing.

In this talk, Brian looks at the interplay of sanity and society. From classic works on Suicide in the industrial revolution, to postmodern critiques of Madness & Civilisation, we’ll look at how societies not only understand but also shape concepts of mental health and illness.

Finally, we’ll look at the classic and creative therapeutic practices we engage with the BA in Psychosocial Studies programme.

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About this webinar

1 December 2022, 11am - 12pm

Lecturer: Dr Erica Wald

As part of Goldsmiths’ incisive Autumn History Series, Dr Erica Wald, a leading academic from the Department of History, will run an interactive talk for students on Corporate Raiders, Corporate Empire? The Origins of British Rule in India.

This webinar examines the fierce competition between rival trading companies – the Portuguese, Dutch and the English East India Companies between the 17th and early 19th centuries. This corporate rivalry eventually resulted in the British gaining an imperial foothold in India.

From these roots, the second British empire was born.

This webinar explores how a company, based in London, transformed into a powerful – and ruthless – political player in India.  It examines the ways in which the East India Company ruled and expanded during this period and looks at some of the ways in which India transformed Britain.

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