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Goldsmiths partners with Channel Talent to host a series of webinars showcasing interactive lectures from our academics to enhance your learning.

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Alongside our partners at Channel Talent, we put on a selection of lectures across a variety of subjects, as well as shorter talks in collaboration with other universities. All sessions are 1 hour long, featuring either a full hour lecture or two half-hour presentations with different universities. The webinars encourage participation and allow you to voice your opinions, as well as hearing those of other students from across the UK.

The webinars are primarily aimed at students in Years 12 and 13, with content often designed around your A-level or BTEC curriculum.

Bookings are made through the Channel Talent website and can be made by individuals, or by a school representative for a group. We accept bookings from all group sizes, including a small group of interested students, a whole class, or even a whole year group. 

Check out the upcoming sessions below and head to the Channel Talent website to book.

Upcoming sessions

Watch an introduction to 'Why did Germans vote for Hitler?' with Professor Alexander Watson before the interactive session on 20 October

Wednesday 17 November – Tryst with destiny: the path to independence in India

About this lecture

Start time: 2.15pm

Lecturer: Dr Erica Wald

On 15 August 1947, India and Pakistan achieved their independence from Britain, ending nearly 200 years of British rule on the Subcontinent. Independence, with partition, was the result of many years of hard-fought struggles and came at enormous cost to both newly independent countries. This webinar examines the rise of Indian nationalism, tracing its trajectory from an elite-led group to a mass movement. It considers the global political and economic factors which shaped both nationalist demands and British response.

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