Progression agreements for local and mature students

We're committed to working with mature students and students in our local community to improve access to higher education.

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At Goldsmiths, we're committed to promoting access and diversity in higher education, which is clearly reflected in the diversity of our student population. We recognise our responsibility to provide an accessible pathway to higher education for local learners. For this reason,we've established Progression Agreements with two of our local colleges - Lewisham College, Southwark College and Mulberry UTC.  

We also have a strong tradition of recruiting mature students, and those studying less traditional qualifications. We've always valued the Access to HE Diploma as an academically strong qualification giving students a solid foundation for further study. As such, we've also established Progression Agreements to support those studying Access to HE Diplomas accredited by OCN and LASER.

Our Progression Agreements grant prospective students unique admissions benefits to our courses. Under these agreements, students can access guaranteed interviews and/or offers for more than 50 undergraduate programmes at our university. In many cases, these offers are set one grade below the standard offer for the course, demonstrating our commitment to nurturing potential and our confidence in the abilities of those who access our university through an agreement.

You can find out more about your eligibility, and the admissions benefits of your chosen course in our Progression Agreement documents. You can find these below. If you have any questions regarding our Progression Agreements or admissions, please contact our admissions team via the following link

Read our Civic Strategy if you’re interested in finding out more about how we work to support our local community.

Progression Agreements