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Position Professor
Department Sociology
Email l.back (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7380
Les Back BSc PhD

Les Back joined the department in 1993. This was something of a return to Goldsmiths for him because he studied at Goldsmiths as both postgraduate and undergraduate during the 1980s. Prior to returning to the college, he taught at the University of Birmingham in the Cultural Studies department and before that worked as a contract researcher at Birkbeck College and the Institute of Education.


Les convenes a third year undergraduate option called Why Music Matters for Sociology and makes contributions to the core undergraduate courses across the degree programmes. Les is also significantly involved in teaching on MSc in Social Research.

Areas of supervision

Race and racism, multiculturalism, urban life, social exclusion, popular culture and music, sport sociology, postcolonial theory, youth and gender, work and institutional racism, visual sociology, health and illness.

Completed PhD students

He has supervised seventeen PhD candidates to completion:

  • Sireita Mullins Post colonial legacies of marginalisation as rendered in the visual works of multiethnic young people in Lambeth , 2011 (Full-time ESRC Case Studentship)
  • Takeshi Arimoto, Body Culture and Nationaliskm in Modernizing Japan 1868 to the 1920s, 2011
  • Alex Rhys-Taylor Coming to Our Senses: A Multisensory Exploration of Class and Multiculture in East London 2011 (full-time ESRC Student)
  • Patrick Turner  Hip Hop Versus rap: An Ethnography of the Cultural Politics of New Hip Hop Practices, 2011 (Full-time ESRC Studentship)
  • Emma Jackson Young Homeless People and Urban Space: Dis/placements, Mobilities and Fixity  2010 (Full-time ESRC Studentship)
  • Polly Haste Tackling the 'difficult' subject: an ethnographic exploration of sexual learning in secondary schools (Full-time ESRC funded student) 2008
  • Emma Nugent Building a Creative Persona, (Full-time ESRC funded student) 2004
  • Yasmeen Narayan Race and Identities, (Full-time ESRC funded student) 2004
  • Alison Rooke Lesbian Geographies, (Full-time ESRC funded student) 2004
  • Jo Hadley Police and Institutional Racism (Full-time ESRC funded student) 2004
  • Roxy Harris New Ethnicities and Language Use, 2004
  • Jo Sadler – Policing and Youth Crime (Full-time ESRC funded student), 2004
  • Hiroki Orasawa – Sectarianism and Football Culture in Scotland, 2003
  • William Henry – Dance Reggae and the Hidden Voice of Black London, 2002 (full ESRC studentship)
  • Colin King – Play the Whiteman: Black Players and the transition to management, 2002
  • Philly Desai – Spaces of Identity, Cultures of Conflict: the development of New British Asian Masculinities (full-time, ESRC studentship) 2000
  • Garry Robson - ‘No One Likes Us...’: Millwallism, class and masculinity in south London (full-time, ESRC Studentship) 1999

Research Interests

Sociology of racism and ethnicity, popular culture and music, urban life, community, social divisions class, social theory and sociological methods.

Publications and research outputs


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Edited Book

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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Back, Les. 2016. 'A View From Nearby: The Anthropology Gold Lecturer, 2016.'. In: Annual Gold lecture 2016. Goldsmiths, Univeristy of London, United Kingdom.


Gunaratnam, Yasmin; Back, Les; Psarras, Bill and Feinstein, Sarah. 2017. Every Minute Of Every Day [Blog/Website].


Back, Les and Stoneman, Paul. 2019. The Fellowship Inn Project Evaluation. Technical Report. Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, University of London.

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