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Michaela Benson BA PhD

Michaela Benson joined Goldsmiths in 2013 after working at the universities of York and Bristol. She is internationally renowned for her contributions to the sociology of migration, and her research on the class, home, identity and belonging.

Michaela is currently a research leader for the project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of Britons resident in the European Union funded by the UK in a Changing EU. This project examines the implications of Brexit for Britons resident in other European Union member states and their lived experiences as it unfolds.

This builds on her established position as a leading figure in research on lifestyle migration and her extensive track record of publications in this field of sociological enquiry. Her earlier work on the British in rural France received awards and recognition including the prestigious Sociological Review Fellowship, which enabled her to write The British in Rural France (2011, MUP), a book subsequently shortlisted for the British Sociological Association’s Philip Abrams Memorial Prize (2012). She has additionally pursued her interest in lifestyle migration through research with North American populations living in Panama funded by the British Academy. Her interest in home led to funding from the ESRC through their Future Research Leaders’ Scheme for her research project (2012-15) Self-building: the production. 

Her research on London’s middle classes through the ESRC-funded project The Middle Classes and the City led to her to examination of processes and practices of middle-class formation, and particularly the significance of place and property within this. Above Street Level: rethinking power, place and encounter through the Peckham skyline, an ethnographic exploration of how Peckham is being remade through the vertical restructuring that is characteristic of contemporary urban transformation.

In January 2017 Michaela took over as Managing Editor of The Sociological Review, Britain’s oldest sociology journal. She is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.


She really enjoys teaching research methods, and is passionate about encouraging students to become confident social researchers through practice-based learning. Her research expertise informs both her undergraduate and MA teaching.

Areas of supervision

Michaela Benson is interested in supervising projects that fall within her research interests, but she is particularly keen to supervise research students who work on the intersections of class and space, elite and privileged migration trends. If you are interested in applying for a PhD under her guidance, please send her an email in the first instance outlining the project that you would be interested in conducting and some information about your prior educational achievements.

Currently supervising

  • Valentina Alvarez Lopez (Chilean Research Council funded); Kaoru Takahashi; Mario Trifuoggi; and Ilaria Pulini
  • Completed: Mackenzie Paige Belt (2012, University of Bristol) Sri Lankan domestic workers in Nicosia, Cyprus: an ethnography of migrants and host families; Sarah Burton (2017, ESRC funded) Crafting the Academy: writing sociology and disciplinary legitimacy

Research Interests

Research interests: migration; home, identity and belonging; social class; rural and urban sociology

Michaela started her research career studying the social phenomenon of lifestyle migration, broadly defined as the migration of the relatively affluent in search of a better way of life and have, over the past ten years, conducted ethnographic fieldwork on this topic among the British in rural France and North Americans in Panama. Her focus on both the motivations behind migration and everyday lives following migration reveals the processes by which social identities are reproduced, reinscribed and reconfigured through migration and post-migration lives, in response to new social and cultural contexts. Her publications on this topic locate lifestyle migration within wider sociological debates about the individual and society, lifestyle, class and culture.

Recently, she has been developing her interest in the intersections of class and space, exploring practices of place-making among the middle classes living in urban settings. This reveals how place of residence may provide the context for identity formation, while also demonstrating that the middle classes intervene in the production of place. Her publications in this area of research therefore focus on how neighbourhoods are mobilized as sites of middle-class identity formation and how, through the mobilization of different imaginings of place and resources, the middle classes attempt to make place in their own image. Her recent project Self-building: the consumption and production of new homes from the perspective of households, funded by the ESRC through their Future Research Leaders Scheme, further examined the ways in which home, identity, belonging and family are tied into the production and consumption of (new) domestic spaces.

She is currently leading the research project BrExpats: freedom of movement, citizenship and Brexit in the lives of Britons resident in the European Union funded by the UK in a Changing EU.





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