Ella Harris

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Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Department Sociology
Email e.harris (@gold.ac.uk)
Ella Harris

The project explores how precarious ways of living and working are reimagined positively through the discourses, logics and aesthetics of pop-up culture. 

Prior to this, Ella worked as a research assistant, in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway University, on a collaborative project on pop-up social housing. She completed a PhD in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway University in 2017, having previously taken an MA in Cultural Geography (Royal Holloway) and BA in English Language and Literature (Oxford University).

Ella’s research focuses on urban spatiotemporality and the affective dimensions of precarity. She is particularly interested in “compensatory” ways of living in cities in the current climate of recession and austerity. Ella also works with creative digital methods and her PhD project experimented with the methodological values of interactive documentary (i-Docs) for exploring urban space-time and its politics.

Ella has published widely on subjects including the cultural geographies of precarity, pop-up housing, the housing crisis as a structure of feeling, the spatiotemporal logics of commercial pop-up culture, immersive cinema, precarious labour and container architectures, and interactive documentary.


Book Section

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