Dr Monica Sassatelli

Staff details

Position Senior Lecturer
Department Sociology
Email m.sassatelli (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 2202
Dr Monica Sassatelli

Dr Monica Sassatelli joined the Department in September 2010; prior to that she was a Research Fellow at Sussex University (2008-2010), working on the project Art Festivals and the European Public Culture and before moving to the UK I taught sociology in a number of Italian universities and held a post-doctoral Jean Monnet Fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence.

Academic qualifications

Laurea (BA Hons) in Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna; MA in Modernism, Gender and Postmodernism, University of East Anglia; PhD in Sociology, University of Parma.  She is currently a Lecturer in the Department and Co-Director of the Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR).


Dr Monica Sassatelli co-convenes the BA Media and Sociology Programme with Liz Moor (Media and Communications). She contributes to core courses at both BA and MA level and convene options in her area of research: ‘Art & Society’ (BA Option) and ‘Cultural Policy and City Branding’ (MA Option). Previously, she has convened the MA Programme Critical and Creative Analysis between 2010-2012.

Areas of supervision

She welcomes applications from prospective research students wishing to work in any of my areas of teaching or research.  Currently she is co-supervising (with Nirmal Puwar) Felipe Palma, working on ritual festivities in the Atacama, Chile.

Research Interests

Cultural identity, European cultural policies (and cultural politics), the city (in Europe and global), leisure, landscape and place, experience, aesthetics, art worlds, festivals, culture industries, museums and exhibitions.



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Book Section

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