Student Code of Conduct

When living in accommodation you will be a Goldsmiths student which means you have agreed to, amongst other things, the Student Code of Conduct.

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See Student Conduct in the Academic Manual.

In student accommodation, these become especially important because you will be sharing communal spaces with other students daily.

Every student is expected to treat each other with dignity and respect, as well as respecting the property and staff.

We take breaches of the Student Code of Conduct very seriously. This would involve doing an investigation and looking at the provided evidence.

The outcome of our investigations can result in being issued a warning (verbal, written or final written) and can also include being passed on the main University Student Conduct panel.

If you are issued with a final written warning, this means that we would be unwilling to provide you with a reference for any future accommodation and you would not be permitted back into student accommodation for future years.

Any further breaches of the Accommodation Agreement or Student Code of Conduct following a final written warning can result in you being asked to leave student accommodation.