Don't want to live in your room

How we can help if you feel you don’t want to continue living in your room.

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If you no longer wish to live in your room, the first thing you need to do is speak with Accommodation Services. Whatever the reason for this feeling, we aim to resolve the issue and/or point you in the direction of any services or procedures that will help with any issues you are experiencing in halls.

Move to a different room or hall

See the page on room swaps and changes

Withdraw or leave your accommodation early

See the page on leaving early or withdrawing

Financial issues

Fill in a room change form and Accommodation Services will look into moving you to a room that suits your financial situation better. The finance team will also inform you of any bursaries or funds that are available for you to apply for.

Flatmates disputes

Accommodation Services and the Campus Support Officers are there to discuss any anti-social behaviour or flatmate disputes that you might be experiencing. See the page on issues with other residents.

Please note that not all requests can be accommodated under all circumstances. Many of our solutions will depend on the situation, your contract with Accommodation Services and availability of rooms or other halls.