Issues with other residents

How we can help if you are having problems with other residents.

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This page is for residents of Loring Hall. Who to contact for other residences.

If you are experiencing issues with another resident, please contact a member of the Residence Life Team in the first instance. They can be reached on 020 7919 7284.

We aim to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. The process will follow the complaints process, and you may expect a response within 15 days.


If you believe that further action is required, you may reach out to the Mediation Service.

Anyone considering using mediation will need to have a referral form completed by a member of the Residence Life Team.

Once all parties have agreed to mediation, their details will be sent to the Mediation Coordinator who will arrange a mutually convenient day when the mediation can take place.

If you would like to discuss the mediation process, call the Mediation Coordinator on 020 7919 7951 or email mediation (