Accommodation heating

How heating works in our Goldsmiths managed accommodation.

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This page is for residents of Loring Hall. Who to contact for other residences.

Heating in the Loring Hall is controlled by a system called a BMS (Building Management System).

Heating operation times

The heating is turned on when the outside air temperature stays below 18c for more than eight hours on three consecutive days.

The heating is set to maintain the correct temperature between during set periods through the heating season.


The radiators in the flats do not always have hot water running through them. To keep the conditions at the optimal level, we do not run the heating constantly. Instead, they are run according to the outside temperature.

You can control the radiator in your room with the Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). These detect the temperature in your room and will adjust to maintain the correct temperature. We recommend that you leave this at “3” and turn them down to “0” or “*” if you are going to be away for a few days.

Reporting problems

If your heating seems not to be working, check with other flatmates and see if they have heat to their radiator. It helps us to know if there is a problem in one room or a whole area.

Report the problem:

Estates and Facilities will arrange for someone to investigate and rectify the problem as soon as possible.