Room swap/change

The process around changing your room if you’re in Loring Hall, Chesterman House, Ewen Henderson Court, Quantum Court, Raymont Hall, Surrey House or Town Hall Camberwell.

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You will have the opportunity to submit a room change request starting from 1 October, and we aim to start processing room change requests after Reading Week of the first term (around early November).

Going forward we will continue to review and adapt this process, however, there may be times when we may need to place room moves on hold.

This may be to accommodate arrivals for the next term, as our team’s priority is ensuring all students who are still looking for a place to live are offered a place or other operational reasons.

If you would like to be considered for a room move, please ensure you read the room change form on this page before submitting a room change request on our portal.

Once you have filled in a form, we will respond within 10 working days to advise you on the process and the next steps. Please be aware that room change requests will be subject to availability and operational suitability.

Depending on your reasons for your request to change rooms, Accommodation Services may invite you to speak to them and see if there is anything that can be done to improve your experience and help you remain in your room, if appropriate. For example, if you would prefer to move to a different room type because of a cost implication, then the finance team may be able to point you in the direction of particular funds or bursaries that you could apply for to help with the cost of accommodation.

If you are concerned about facilities or maintenance issues in your room or accommodation, please ensure you speak to the team in your accommodation in the first instance. Our contact information has details of who to contact.

If you find you have not settled into your room as well as you had hoped, the Campus Support Officers are at hand to help integrate you into the social side of living in student accommodation or adjust to the new environment.

How the process works

If, after you have spoken to Campus Support and Accommodation Services, you would still like to be considered for a room change, Accommodation Services will then look into the possibility of matching you with another student looking to move rooms or, alternatively, moving you to a preferred location within their stock of rooms, where this is possible.

Please note that by requesting to be added to the Room Move group and waiting list, you give consent for us to add you to a Microsoft Teams channel where other students will be able to see your full name and College email address, as well as information on your study programme. The purpose of this channel is to allow students to post messages to other students seeking to change rooms. Students that believe that have found a potential student to swap rooms with should email with the full name and student ID number of the student and Accommodation Services will be able to check whether the room swap is suitable and, if so, advise further on the next steps.

Please note that appropriate rooms are not always available at the point of application and your application may initially be added to a waiting list. Whilst Accommodation Services will always do their best to support students requesting to move rooms, by filling in and submitting the form there is no guarantee that Accommodation Services will be able to facilitate a room change.

If Accommodation Services can offer you a move to an alternative room, then a viewing will be organised (where possible), and if you would like to proceed, a new offer will be sent to you, which you will need to accept online. Room contracts vary in length and it is your responsibility to check the dates in your agreement before accepting the new offer of accommodation.

Please read our Applying to be added to the room change waiting list (PDF) for additional information on the process.