Who and what the Student Complaint process is for

This is one of a number of complaint processes we have. This page will help you decide if this is right process for you.

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Who can make a complaint

Any enrolled or interrupted student can make a complaint.

Complaints should normally be raised within three months of the events you are complaining about. This makes sure that your concerns can be investigated properly - events will be fresh in everyone's mind and the College will have the opportunity to understand your concerns and help put things right.

Students who have completed their studies can also make a complaint under this procedure but must raise the complaint within two-months of leaving Goldsmiths.

We can only accept complaints from the student(s) involved.

What you can make a Student Complaint about

Problems you may raise a complaint about:

  • Academic complaints, such as concerns about module delivery, administration, teaching or feedback
  • Personal complaints about a member of staff, or another student or group of students
  • Non-academic and non-personal complaints relating to accommodation, or general non-academic or professional services
  • Harassment, bullying or discrimination in any form. There is a special procedure called Report and Support for sexual violence

You cannot use this process to complain about:

Anonymous complaints

Students are often worried about confidentiality and sometimes want to make a complaint but remain anonymous.

Anonymous complaints will not normally be accepted – the best way to investigate concerns fairly and thoroughly is where the identity of the complainant is made clear.

Complaint details will be kept confidential. There is more details about confidentially on our page about Stage Two of the process.