Student complaints process overview

Here are the steps involved in how Goldsmiths deals with Student Complaints.

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Stage One: Front-line Resolution

Contacting the department or team to resolve matters is often the best way to address concerns.

It may help to raise the issue with the member of staff concerned, or with a personal tutor or Departmental Senior Tutor first (or with the service manager if it is not a departmental matter), with the aim of resolving things locally.

Read more about how to approach Stage One.

The following areas have their own process for this:

If matters can't be resolved by Front-line Resolution, or if the results of Stage One are unsatisfactory, you can progress to Stage Two.

Stage Two: Formal Complaint

This begins with submitting a Stage Two Complaint Form, setting out your complaint in full and attaching any relevant evidence.

The Student Casework team will determine if the complaint is in time and if it is submitted under the correct procedures.

An Investigating Officer will be appointed, who will usually make a decision on the complaint based on the evidence presented to them

The outcome of the Stage Two investigation will be communicated in writing.

See full details of how Stage Two works including how to submit the complaint form.

Stage Three: Review

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a Stage Two investigation you may submit a Stage Three request for review. This must be done within one month of the date you are notified of the Stage Two outcome.

See how Stage Three works and what is involved.

How long formal complaints take to be resolved

We aim to resolve all complaints within 90 days of submission, though, in practice, this timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the complaint and the number of staff that need to be consulted in the investigation.

We aim to provide a decision within four to six weeks after receiving your Stage Two form and you then have one month to request a review at Stage Three.

Complaints about staff conduct may take longer as they will involve our HR department and processes.

In any event, you will be kept informed of your complaint’s progress and will be notified if its resolution is likely to take longer than anticipated.

Advice and support

You are strongly encouraged to contact the Goldsmiths SU advice service before submitting a complaint. 

Goldsmiths' Wellbeing Service offers support to students who are finding it difficult to engage with their studies. The Service offers email support as well as face-to-face counselling sessions.

Advice on student appeals and complaints can also be sought from the Student Casework team by emailing complaints (

Students will have the right to be accompanied, assisted or represented by another member of Goldsmiths (a currently enrolled student, or a member of staff of the College, or a member of staff or elected officer of the Students’ Union), at any stage of the Student Complaints Procedure.

Goldsmiths will not enter into discussions about student complaints with third parties without explicit written permission from the student.