Stage One: Front-line Resolution

Try and resolve the issue informally by raising it within the department or area where the problem has occurred.

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Contacting the department or team to resolve matters is often the best way to address concerns.

It may help to raise the issue with the member of staff concerned, or with a personal tutor or Departmental Senior Tutor first (or with the service manager if it is not a departmental matter), with the aim of resolving things locally.

This might be done by:

  • giving more information
  • providing explanations
  • suggesting solutions
  • being empathetic and understanding when there is no apparent solution
  • giving an apology where it seems appropriate to do so
  • introducing student and staff conciliators

Questions to consider in attempting early resolution of concerns might include:

  • What specifically is your concern about and which area(s) of the College was/are involved?
  • What outcome are you hoping for and can it be achieved?
  • Is the concern straightforward and likely to be resolved with little or no investigation?
  • Can it be resolved on the spot by providing, where appropriate, an explanation, an alternative solution or an apology?
  • Can someone else assist in seeking resolution, for example where an informal administrative resolution is required?
  • Is there merit in using confidential mediation?
  • What assistance or support can be provided in taking this forward?

Whatever early resolution mechanism is used, you should be able to air your concerns and feel that they have been listened to.

A resolution might be achieved by providing an on-the-spot explanation of why the issue occurred and/or (where appropriate) an apology and an explanation of what will be done to stop a similar situation happening in the future. 

The following areas have their own process for Front-line Resolution:

If you remain dissatisfied with the response, or if matters have not been satisfactorily resolved within two weeks of the problem having been raised, you may wish to progress the matter to Stage Two.