Preparing for an interview


You may be invited to an interview as part of your application. Here's some information about what to expect from an interview, and how to best prepare yourself.

Be prepared

  • Carry out some preparatory research, and read as much about the course and your subject area as you can
  • Read current news coverage around your subject, and be prepared to discuss your findings
  • Think about the questions you might want to ask during your interview
  • Read your interview invite to check you know exactly what you'll be doing and where you'll be going on the day
  • Plan your journey in advance, and leave yourself enough time to travel. You might also want to check our campus tours page to see if you could combine your visit to Goldsmiths with a short tour 

What to expect from your interview 

  • A relaxed atmosphere – we want you to feel at ease and be yourself
  • We don't expect you to have the answers to all the questions we ask, but we do want to see evidence that you're able to apply the skills and knowledge you already have
  • You'll probably be asked about what attracts you to the course you've applied for – so prepare a good answer, focusing on the features of the course that interest you

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