Creating a portfolio


For some of our courses you'll need to submit a creative portfolio as part of your application. It can be quite time consuming to produce a portfolio, so read our advice to make sure yours impresses the Admissions Tutors.

Here's some advice for anyone applying for our BA Fine Art, BA Fine Art & History of Art, or BA Design degrees.

Fine Art/Fine Art & History of Art

After submitting your application you'll be asked to submit an electronic portfolio. If we then invite you to an interview, we'll ask you to bring along a hard copy of your portfolio. 

Your portfolio should consist of original artwork and/or documentation in the form of, for example, photographs and films. Students at Goldsmiths are expected to work very independently. Your portfolio should therefore indicate not only what you have studied, but also what motivates you. 

You should include a range of works that show areas of independent enquiry that are emerging in your art practice. We are interested in seeing your ability to go beyond the requirements of a given brief: for example, your working process and your visual curiosity. Please only include work that is central to your practice and concerns.

We would also like to see an example of your written work. 


If you're invited to an interview, we'll ask you to bring along a hard copy of your portfolio. If you're an international or EU student who can't attend an interview in person, we'll ask you to submit an electronic portfolio.

In your portfolio you should aim to include a range of work that shows the breadth of your developing skills and interests. We are particularly keen to see your thinking through your portfolio selection and not just resolved pieces so please include examples of your process work. Where possible this work should be authentic and in the format in which it was originally generated. You might choose to demonstrate this by bringing sketchbooks in addition to your folio.

Whilst the BA we offer in Design is broad and interdisciplinary, we are open to seeing portfolios that may focus on a specialism or particular creative discipline as well as those which show a multidisciplinary practice. Evidence of an existing Design practice is not a requirement (e.g. in the instance that you have not had the opportunity yet to study Design) but in the absence of Design work we would like you to be able to demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the difference between disciplines. We also expect that you will have given thought to how your work may transition into a practice of Design.

Consider including a mixture of the following: models, 3D work, prototypes, material experiments, design sheets, sculpture, paintings, drawings, graphics, writing, illustration, typography, photography, animation, film and/or anything that you feel demonstrates your creative abilities and motivations. We're always interested to see work that is self-directed, related to outside interests or from other subjects studied (outside of Art and Design).

Include only work that you can talk about. We are not looking for success stories but at how you demonstrate your working process, your motivations and learning, if and how you have begun to develop your own identity through your practice. Ideally you will include at least 2-3 projects where you can talk about them from initial brief through to resolution.

In addition we require you to bring a printed copy of your answers to the Pre-interview Questions that were sent to you when invited to interview.

A note about digital work:

If you would like to show us a film or some other form of digital documentation please bring along an appropriate device to run it on (e.g. a charged laptop or tablet). We won't have very long to look at individual pieces so please make sure that you have an edited version if you have work that is more than two minutes. If this work is particularly seminal you should ensure that this work is also represented in your portfolio (e.g. as a series of stills). You will not be able to access the internet to show us work online.

Overseas applicants:

You may be offered a video interview via Skype. If so you will be asked to send your portfolio via email at least three working days before the interview. You can send us a link to a website or alternatively we ask for a minimum of 12 key slides from your portfolio.