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BA (Hons) English & History

This degree offers you the opportunity to explore the disciplines of history and English literature. You'll be introduced to the skills of the historian, and will analyse societies and their structures in a way that will inform and complement your literary studies.

  • English and Comparative Literature

BA (Hons) History

History helps us to understand how the world came to be as it is now and to understand why people behaved as they did in the past. That can help us shape our own futures. At History's core is the story of the diversity of human life.

  • History

BA (Hons) History & Anthropology

This degree is a challenging, critical introduction to two disciplines key to understanding human life, culture and society in the past and present. It enables you to explore contemporary cultural issues from an historical perspective.

  • History

BA (Hons) History & Journalism

BA History and Journalism brings together the expertise of two departments in an exciting, innovative degree that will give you the practical skills and academic knowledge to excel in a wide range of careers.

  • History

BA (Hons) History & Politics

This exciting degree lets you explore the ways in which thinking about politics is vital to a study of history, and how the past development of social and political institutions and ideas is crucial to an understanding of contemporary politics.

  • History

Integrated Degree in History (including Foundation Year)

This programme provides a route into higher education for those with an interrupted education or those who wish to return to study. It also suits those who have faced particularly challenging circumstances in their education.

  • History

Why study History at Goldsmiths? 

For us, history isn’t just a sequence of events. We’re looking at a history that’s non-linear, a history that’s interdisciplinary and a history that’s comparative.

Our interest in material, visual and oral history means that whether we’re looking at how the First World War was remembered through Blackadder, working with schools to record veterans’ stories, understanding the past through its artists and philosophers, or researching the history of death in Africa, we adopt innovative angles to study the past – and the present.

  • At Goldsmiths, history is about understanding the present through the past, and the past through the present.
  • We want you to graduate with a history degree that has weight in the real world so we make sure you can apply your skills by gaining valuable work experience while you’re here.
  • Our optional History at Work module gives you the opportunity to undertake a project in a leading heritage environment so you may be involved in conservation, building an exhibition or archiving at any one of our partner organisations.
  • We're rated highly for our research and teaching. We were ranked 11th in the UK for the quality of our research in the Research Excellence Framework. Also, In the 2014 National Student Survey (NSS), we received a high score of 92% for the overall quality of our teaching.

Study abroad

The Department of History offers an Erasmus scheme which enables you to live in a European city for part of your degree. 

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