Regulations for Taught Programmes

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3.8 Academic Integrity


It is a disciplinary offence for a student to cheat or attempt to cheat in an assessment. Goldsmiths maintains procedures for defining and dealing with poor academic practice or academic misconduct.


Academic integrity is defined as a commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage within teaching, learning and scholarship. Students must not act in any way that may put at risk the academic integrity of themselves, any other Member of the College or Goldsmiths itself. Poor academic practice or academic misconduct by a student will be considered as undermining academic integrity.


Goldsmiths has the power to take action, up to and including termination of registration, against any student who is found to have undertaken poor academic practice or committed academic misconduct.


Students who are dissatisfied with action taken against them under this Regulation may challenge that decision through Academic Appeal.