BRP/Visa Collection Arrangements

Collecting your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) once you are inside the UK.

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Collecting your BRP from Goldsmiths

As part of your student visa application, you would have entered a code known as the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) code. This allows your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to be sent directly to Goldsmiths so the team can check your visa for errors and report any problems on your behalf to the Home Office.

When your visa is granted, you normally then receive a letter confirming when you can collect your BRP and the address for collection.

We strongly recommend you collect your BRP from Goldsmiths once we inform you of the dates/time for collection. If you have selected Goldsmiths as your delivery location, at the bottom of the letter it should state that you can collect your visa from ‘Goldsmiths, University of London, Deptford Town Hall, London, SE14 6NW’.

The date of delivery may be some time before the team can process it and email you regarding your BRP collection as our staff will not always be on campus. A short delay in hearing from the team after your BRP is delivered to the office is absolutely normal, so if you are required to collect your BRP from Goldsmiths, you do not need to worry about the 10-day collection rule.

Students who wish to travel outside of the UK before being able to collect their BRP should be able to do so if the travel dates fall within the validity of the temporary visa (vignette) inside the passport. That vignette allows multiple entries within its validity. If the return travel date will fall outside of the vignette expiry date, then a BRP will be required to re-enter the UK, so do let us know the details of your travel and we will try to assist as best as we can.

Collecting your BRP from another location

If you are collecting your visa from a post office, you will need to inform the team as soon as possible by emailing immigration (, as it could delay your enrolment.

You will not need an appointment in this case, but you can get in touch for advice about your situation.