Correcting mistakes on visas

Help if details on your visa are incorrect.

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If any of the following information is incorrect then we can normally help you to update your visa:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Visa start or end date
  • Working conditions, for example it might say you can only work for 10 hours per week maximum when it should say 20 hours
  • Police registration requirements

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Administrative Reviews

If you have extended your visa inside the UK and notice your new visa has the incorrect conditions or length of leave, you may want to apply for an administrative review. 

An administrative review costs £80. The fee will be refunded to you if the Home Office agree a mistake was made. 

You must email the Home Office within 14 days of getting your biometric residence permit. 

Home Office email:

You should contact the Immigration Advisory Service who can help you make an administrative review.