Extending your Student visa

You can extend your Student visa if you need more time to complete your studies or if you start a new programme.

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Changes due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Distance learning 

Student visa holders are not normally permitted to undertake distance learning courses. However, due to the current exceptional circumstances, existing students on a Student visa, who are in the UK or have chosen to return overseas and wish to continue their current studies, can undertake distance/remote studies for the remainder of their course in the academic year 2020/21, providing this has also been agreed with the academic department.

New international students who have not yet applied for a visa but wish to commence a course by distance learning (subject to academic department’s approval) are also permitted to do so. Goldsmiths is able to provide Student visa sponsorship to students who start studying through distance or blended learning in the 2020-2021 academic year provided they intend to transition to face-to-face learning as soon as circumstances allow.

If a student stops engaging with their distance learning, whether overseas or in the UK, then Goldsmiths is required to withdraw sponsorship immediately.


Goldsmiths University will not need to report student absences related to Covid-19. This can include absences due to illness, their need to isolate or inability to travel due to travel restrictions. However, Goldsmiths must maintain records of students who are absent for this reason. Also, Goldsmiths does not need to withdraw Student visa sponsorship if a student is unable to attend for more than 60 days due to Covid-19 but intends to resume their studies. However, if a student has permanently withdrawn from their studies, or deferred (interrupted) their studies for reasons unrelated to Covid-19, Goldsmiths would be required to report this to the Home Office as normal.

Applying for a new Student visa from inside the UK

The Home Office have updated their guidance to re-include a concession for those wishing to apply for further Student immigration permission in the UK where the gap between the end date of the previous Student visa and the start date of their new course is more than 28 days. The Immigration Rules usually prohibit an application if the gap is more than 28 days but the revised guidance on 11 June 2021 states that the Home office will "exercise discretion on this requirement if the start date of the new course ... is no later than 27 September". The guidance document can be found here; Coronavirus (COVID-19): student sponsors, migrants and short-term students: paragraph 3.7;

‘Students must normally apply to study a course that commences no more than 28 days after their current period of permission expires, but we will exercise discretion on this requirement if the start date of the new course named on the CAS is no later than 27 September 2021. This concession applies to students who already hold permission on the Student or Child Student routes (including Tier 4)’.

Study Time limits 

The maximum length of time that a student can be granted leave on a Student visa is  5 years for undergraduate degree-level study (RQF Level 6 ).  However, discretion may be applied by UKVI in future where any period of leave that would cause someone to exceed the limit will do so as a result of Covid-19. 

If you already have a Student visa, or have recently had a Student visa, you can extend it in the following circumstances providing you have made satisfactory academic progress, and been attending classes consistently.

Moving from one course to another

If you have just finished or are due to finish a course in the UK, with Goldsmiths or another university and you are going to study another course in the UK (subject to the requirements for academic progression and the cap on previous study in the UK) you may be eligible to apply for further leave to remain on the Student visa route.

If you currently hold a Student visa, you can only apply to extend that from within the UK if your new course starts within 28 days of the expiry of your current visa, unless any Covid-19 concessions apply and the new course start date is no later than 27 September 2021.

This concession currently only applies to those who are already in the UK on a Student/Tier 4 visa.

You can of course also apply for the Student visa from overseas and a CAS will be issued to you once a full assessment of your eligibility to apply for a Student visa has been assessed, after you have submitted your CAS request form.

Prospective students of Goldsmiths can also refer to our applicants’ webpage for further information.

Repeating your course ‘in attendance’

If you are required to repeat your course ‘in attendance’ with Goldsmiths, for example, you may have failed some or all of your studies and been told by assessments you need to repeat ‘in attendance’, then it may be possible to extend your Student visa to continue your studies.

Students who are unable to complete their current course of study before their current visa expires due to Covid-19 will be eligible to apply to extend their Student visa from inside the UK, to complete that course.

The IAS will still need to make a full assessment of your case prior to issuing a CAS and supporting a visa extension.

You can request a new CAS using our online form and this will then be sent automatically to the Immigration Advisory Service, and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your request and make an assessment of your case.

PhD students requesting additional time

If you are unable to complete your PhD within the time limit of your current visa, you should request a new CAS around 3-4 months before your current visa expires.

The Immigration Advisory Service will then speak to your supervisor and the relevant departments to carry out a series of checks, such as your academic progress to date and your attendance/engagement on the course.

If we are unable to support a Student visa extension for your new submission date or for your Viva, then you would be advised to leave the UK and return on a Standard Visitor visa.

You cannot extend your visa in the following circumstances:

How to apply to extend your visa

Within the UK

You must meet the Student visa requirements and apply before your current visa expires. The Immigration Advisory Service will help you make your application, so you don’t need to worry.

Steps for applying within the UK

  1. Request a new CAS around 3 months before your visa expires, or as soon as possible if your visa is about to expire
  2. We will then contact your academic department to request details of your academic progress and attendance records
  3. If you are eligible to extend your visa, we might request financial documents from you so that we can ensure you meet the Student visa requirements
  4. We will invite you to attend an appointment with us to submit your visa extension application

Documents needed to extend your visa inside the UK

We will help you apply for your visa inside the UK. You will need to make an appointment with us and bring the following documents:

  • Your bank statements meeting the Student visa financial requirements
  • Any academic qualifications – we will tell you what qualifications you need to bring to your appointment
  • Your current passport
  • Your current visa / BRP
  • National Insurance number if you have one
  • Your police registration certificate (if you were required to register with the police) and it should be up to date with your latest UK address
  • And any other documents requested by us

Meeting the financial requirements for the Student visa

If you have been living inside the UK for at least 12 months with a valid UK visa at the time of applying for your new Student visa from inside the UK, then you may benefit from being exempt in having to meet any further financial requirements. We will make this assessment from your CAS request form.

However, we may still ask you to provide financial documents to demonstrate that you are able to at least cover the cost of your tuition fees before we support your visa application. This will help us to ensure you are less likely to encounter financial difficulties during your studies, which could end up affecting your enrolment as well as your wellbeing.

Attending an appointment at a visa application centre

As part of the process of applying for your visa from inside the UK, all applicants are required to attend a visa appointment to enrol their biometrics and present original documents for the third-party company (Sopra Steria) to take scans of and send them off to the Home Office.

You will be allowed to retain the original of your passport but you still cannot travel outside of the UK whilst your visa application is pending.

Due to Covid-19, many of the visa centres in the UK have been closed but they are gradually beginning to re-open with a limited number of appointments being made available each day.

You do not need to worry if you cannot attend an appointment before your visa expires or even shortly after, because as long as your visa application is submitted before the current visa expires, you are covered by what is called ‘3C leave’.

The Home Office is aware of the delays being experienced by many people and aims to allow sufficient time for applicants to be able to attend an appointment.

The processing time for an in-country Student visa is usually around 8 weeks, but of course, this is currently taking considerably longer due to the global pandemic. You will, unfortunately, need to remain in the UK until the outcome and have obtained your new visa.

Outside of the UK

You will need to apply for your extension in your home country or the country where you are usually resident.

Steps for applying outside of the UK

  1. Request a new CAS around 3 months before your visa expires, or as soon as possible if your visa is about to expire. We can only issue the CAS once we have confirmed you are outside of the UK and meet the Student visa requirements. We usually ask to see a copy of your boarding pass, flight tickets or a stamp in your passport
  2. We contact your academic department to request details of your academic progress and attendance records
  3. If you are eligible to extend your visa, we will request financial documents from you so that we can ensure you meet the Student visa requirements
  4. We will issue your CAS and you can apply for your visa in your home country

Returning from an interruption

If you are returning to Goldsmiths, we recommend that you request a CAS around 3 months before your return date.

This will allow us to check your supporting documents by email, including your bank statements, and means you should have time to apply for your visa in your home country. We will also need to check your previous attendance history.

You should check the visa processing times in your country and if you have concerns, request your CAS a little sooner.