Email setup on mobile devices

You can set up your mobile to receive college emails.

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You can either use the mobile version of Outlook or your phone proprietary email client.

iPhone/iPad Mail

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords
  2. Select Add Account then select Exchange
  3. Under Email enter your username in the following format
  4. Under Description enter a suitable name for this mailbox (i.e. Goldsmiths, University, etc you can choose any name you want)
  5. Click on Next on the top-right corner then select Sign In from the pop-up message
  6. Your phone will now verify your account by asking you to sign in as normal
  7. You can choose which features to sync with your emails (i.e. Contacts, Calendars, etc). When you selected what you want to sync, press Save on the top-right corner

You have now successfully set up your email account. If for some reason you are required to set it up manually:

  1. Under Server type
  2. Under Username type your username in the following format

Android Mail

  1. Tap on the Apps icon, then on the Email icon
  2. Under Email Address type your username in the following format: enter your password and tap Next
  3. Tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync then tap OK
  4. In Account options you can select from a number of options what to sync and how far back to sync from. When you have finished click on Next
  5. Tap on Activate
  6. You may want to name the email account, though this is optional. Now tap Done

Your Goldsmiths email is now set up.

Outlook App

  1. Open the Outlook application on your phone
  2. If this is the first time you use the Outlook app tap on the Get Started button
  3. In the Email Address field type your username in the following format press Continue
  4. In the Goldsmiths authentication window enter your username (e.g. jblog001), associated password and then tap the Sign In button
  5. When prompted to add another account tap on Maybe Later

Your email address should now be set up on Outlook on your mobile.

Windows Mail

  1. From the apps list, tap on Settings. Then select Email + Accounts
  2. Tap on add an account. Then tap Exchange
  3. In the username box, enter your campus username in the following format enter your password and tap on Sign In
  4. Tap on Done

Your Goldsmiths email is now set up.