Storing and sharing files

It is best to store documents online to keep them secure and backed up in case your device is lost or fails.

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You manage the security and sharing of your files in Microsoft 365. It is not controlled by IT and Digital Services.

Microsoft 365

Our students and staff have 1TB of online storage with OneDrive as part of their Goldsmiths Microsoft 365 account.

OneDrive is our recommended way for students to save and share documents for their studies.

Staff should use SharePoint for work/team documents.

Files held with Microsoft 365 include the ability to restore previous versions.

In addition, staff can store files within their department SharePoint areas.

Sharing files with people outside of Goldsmiths

Files can be shared using OneDrive.

The share options for ‘Anyone with link’ or ‘Specific people’ allow you to give people access. Depending on which option you chose, you can control editing and downloading rights, add a password or set a time limit.

Dropbox, Google Drive and other services

These services also offer secure online storage, however Goldsmiths does not have a contract with these suppliers. This means they do not have the Data Protection processes in place that Goldsmiths is legally required to follow.

These must not be used to store any personal, business or research data.

Staff who need to use these services to work with partners should consult dp (

External hard drives and USB sticks

These are a very insecure way to store files. There have been many serious data leaks due to these being lost or stolen.

If you do need to use a storage device like this, ensure it is encrypted and password protected.

If the information is sensitive, then encryption should meet AES 256 encryption standard.